Kk. My name’s Kelly and I like stuff that you may or may not like, but who knows? Maybe we can become BFFs… *creepy stare*

So… WOOT WOOT! YAY! That’s basically it… oh and I’m a girl with telekinetic abilities that will blow your socks off! Nah. I’m joking. I’m basically a normal dude in Melbourne, Australia that just wants to create a blog so that I can spend half my life on here. (yeah I know, way to have a life). Hey, at least I’m not like this:

(haha I’m too poor)

On to other stuff, on this blog I’ll probably write about: books, movies (like what I saw and stuff), if I manage to get enough people reading this shitty blog (oh, I might swear) I can get people to recommend me stuff (which will probably never happen, but oh well, a girl can only hope) which is half the reason why I even got a blog….

I’ll probably post some crap about what’s happening in my life as well… so yeah. I hope you don’t leave me after this… (:


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