yea boiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii…. Basically I love books, I read anything that’s fiction (well basically everything). I mostly read the paranormal, steampunk, dystopian, action, romance, comedy, sci-fi – aliens, fantasy genres.

I seem to read the books with a kickass heroine because I can’t stand books where the heroine is weak because I then end up screaming PUSSY at them, then chucking the book across the room . I hate multiple POVs, I don’t mind like only two POVs in a book, but when there’s like 6. When there’s 6, I scream fuq dis shit at the book and then leave it, even if it has the best reviews ever, I just can’t handle it, not because I can’t follow the story line but because I probably don’t give a fucking shit damn about the character other than the main one.

how I feel when I see multiple POVs in a good book




So yeah, if there’s anyone reading this, feel free to recommend any books to me that you think are cool.


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